Had I been born in Indonesia, I’d likely be a Muslim. : The accident of birth?

Had I been born in Indonesia, I’d likely be a Muslim. : The accident of birth?

We have become very gullible. Brainwashing us is a much easier job now. And you know who is taking advantage of our naivety? The extremists, be it left or right. We watch random videos and get influenced by their ideologies. And no wonder, we get easily trapped in this age of Machine Learning and AI, due to which our social media accounts keep suggesting what we once liked.


We roast and abuse people who differ from our ideologies. We indulge in comment-wars on social media and protest in favor of the ideologies which we just formed, based on a few videos which contents we take for granted as facts without even thinking or researching about it.


And all these things are harming us only. We’re getting divided and divided based on our religions, castes and even ideologies in the current scenario. We keep on developing a hatred for people who’re not from our caste or religion and finally harm them and get harmed by them in return.


The accident of birth.


Do you ever question yourself? Who are you? What are you as an individual? What if you weren’t born in your family? What if you were born in their religion or caste? Then your upbringing and your life must have been different. And you might be loving and supporting what you hate and oppose now. This becomes a little philosophical here because individually you’re a soul. And you are born just by the accident of birth. So, your caste, religion and maybe your gender should not matter for you being a soul. Just imagine, what if you were in their place? Just think yourself to be in their place. Then ultimately, these divisions wouldn’t matter to you. You’ll get above all these and develop love and compassion for every individual on this planet. Life does have a purpose and you’re given this to fulfill that purpose. You just have to come out in search of that.

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