IIT Kharagpur develops AI system to read legal judgments

IIT Kharagpur researchers have evolved an Artificial Intelligence-aided method to read legal judgments, which can not only tell which laws are getting violated but also in the process help minimize legal costs.

A team of Department of Computer Science and Engineering used a novel method to automate the reading of a legal document by using a more evolved Machine Learning technique.

Globally, in countries such as US, Britain, Japan, Singapore and Australia, Artificial Intelligence is being used to perform legal research, review documents during litigation and conduct due diligence, analyse contracts to determine whether they meet pre-determined criteria and to even predict outcomes. However, AI is yet to sufficiently penetrate the legal field in India.

Taking 50 judgments from the Supreme Court of India, the team has segmented these by first labeling sentences using multiple human annotators (three senior law students from IIT Kharagpur’s Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law), performing extensive analysis of the human-assigned labels and then developing a high quality gold standard corpus to train the machine to carry out the task.

IIT Kharagpur has its own law school, it is uniquely suited to carry out research along these lines.

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