Wind, Reel, And Print!

                   Wind, Reel, And Print!

Dangal movie wrap.


 Movies have become an integral part of our lives. Most of us keep an eye on movies since casting decisions; pre-productions till its release; audiences’ reactions; critics’ reviews; and collections. We watch and we enjoy films throughout their journey.

Have you noticed it? Whenever shooting ends, there’s always a celebration. There is always a wrap-party for the cast and crew. Do you wonder? They don’t even know the fate of the film. They don’t even know how it will perform. Neither they know how critics or audiences will react. Still, they celebrate. And they celebrate very happily, dancing and enjoying. If you’ve ever seen one of these, you can clearly see how happy and cheerful they look. They have a huge sign of satisfaction on their faces. Though they don’t know their fate.

Kalank wrap celebration, though it was the biggest flop of 2K19.

That, I think is one of the most important things which we overlook and don’t realize. And like that only, our every approach towards life should be. We should enjoy the journey without caring too much about the result. As they do, because they know how much effort they’ve put to get every scene right. Exactly similar, we should be, being aware of our efforts and keep working to improve bit-by-bit rather than worrying about our results. A recent movie called “Chhichhore” does teach us a similar thing. So whatever the result may be, we will always be satisfied and happy if we realize the efforts or labor, we’ve put for something.

“Tumhara result decide Nahi Karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi … tumhari koshish decide karti hai” – Chhichhore
   So, aim higher, achieve bigger, and keep working & smiling! ( :

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