Engineering life memes


Engineering no doubt is becoming a trend these days in India…people who get good marks in their 10th exams…consider themselves to be intelligent (which is immaturity )to be more specific….and then after 11th,12th they opt for science and what next btech engineering….and their biggest blunder of life happens

With the number of colleges increasing day by day (currently over 200+ colleges in my state i.e.,West Bengal) is the most pursued course currently… While many of the students get frustrated ,cursing themselves for choosing engineering…some talented people have created a fun out if this frustration…so i highlight you with the best ones…


Engineering is parallel with sir Issac Newton’s 1st law…!!!

The shit engineers Do…while making projects…(soon gonna happen with me :p)

Something to cherish as an engineer…

That moment is simply priceless…coz that time is spared in doing nothing!!!


Bro,we have completed our engineering!!

Great,what next?

They say we’ll do nothing and have fun( in a mocking manner…)

Aunty:what do u do,son?

Boy:uhm, aunty i am pursuing engineering

Aunty: oh i thought,u were studying!!!

The Large Container in every engineer’s flat or P.G.!!! :p

The man says(assholes,stop playing with the emotions of these innocent kids)!!

Surviving since..10th august ,2014…;)

2 minute silence ,for all those kids who in order to fulfil their big dreams will pursue engineering…

The special roadies salute…to us!!!

There are only two kinds of engineers

in this world…

1. One with base 10

2 .the other with base e

Here,the Hindi ‘log’ has been compared with the English (logarithm i.e ,log in short)

Which means people in English..

Any 9 pointer or 9.5 pointer reading this answer…no offence intended… Mate :p

And last but not the least…

An engineer doesn’t have a day ,he only has his night!!!

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