Delhi election exit polls LIVE at AAJ TAK: Kejriwal’s AAP likely to sweep Delhi

दिल्ली के दिल में क्या है? देखिए नतीजों के पहले ही जनता का फैसला! #ATLivestream #AajTakExitPoll

Posted by Aaj Tak on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Voting for the high-stakes Delhi Assembly election officially ended at 6 am on Saturday. However, those who are in the queue can still vote. After ten hours of polling, a meagre 55 per cent voter turnout was recorded for Delhi Assembly polls till 6 pm, according to Election Commission’s Voter Turnout app. The estimated turnout for North East Delhi till 6 pm was 62.75 per cent, according to the Election Commission’s Voter Turnout App. Area-wise, East Delhi reported 56.08 per cent polling, North West Delhi 54.35 per cent, West 54.88 per cent, South 53.15 per cent, South West 55.53 per cent and Central 53.05 per cent turnout, the app said.

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