New Refreshing Show For The Fans Of Stranger Things


New Refreshing Show For The Fans Of Stranger Things!

From the producers of “Stranger Things” and the director of “The End of the F***ing World“, here comes the fresh-refreshing show, “I Am Not Okay with This” based on the Charles Forman’s graphic novel of the same name, which definitely a treat to watch. This show is refreshing, not because we haven’t seen shows about teen superheroes struggling to fit in. The tone of the show was created with brushstrokes of someone who has an eye for the subtly of uniqueness.


Seven episodes each of 19-25 minutes pass so quickly that we wonder. It’s beautiful for all of those who truly feel totally different and totally alone in their abilities that don’t match what’s normal.


The series portrays a confused complex relationship situation in which every one of us falls in. The development of Sydney’s (the lead character) and Dina’s (her female friend) relationship, as well as Dina’s, Sydney’s and Stan’s(a boy in the neighborhood of Sydney’s house) friendship, would be really interesting to see more of, especially in the wake of episode seven.


Overall, this show is highly recommended. It has an energy unlike anything on TV now, the acting and cinematography are phenomenal, and the story is truly compelling. You’ll not regret watching it.

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