Made profit of 4 % on Google Gold Pay within 40 secs


Is it GOOD to invest in Google Pay Gold Vault?

This was my 1st transaction.

You will incur a loss of 3% on GST. Additional, the buying and selling prices are different.

For example:

I have bought 28.4 mg of Gold at Rs 3.52 / mg of Gold.

Now let’s try to sell it. immediately.

So the selling price is 3.28/mg of Gold.

So you made a loss of Rs 0.241/mg. That is about 6.9 % loss.

So deduct the 3% GST for gold purchase.

you lost 3.9% on transaction + processing fee + etc+etc (Which Google pay doesn’t give any information about)

Now in my 2nd investment of Rs 1.10  :
( Buying Cost was Rs 4.05) What Gpay did, it calculated 1.10/4.05=0. 271 mg . They gave me an average 0.3 mg.
Sold it immediately ( Selling Price = Rs 3.80). This time they do (3.80*0.3= 1.137). Got paid on an average Rs 1.14.
This way I  made the profit of more than 3.6% on Google pay gold vault within a minute.

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