Wild Karnataka:India’s first 4K blue chip natural history documentary!


Wild Karnatka


Watch It Here: India’s Landmark Wildlife Documentary That Took 4 Years to Create!

An unprecedented Ultra HD film on Karnataka’s rich Biodiversity with narration from the iconic Sir David Attenborough, music by the Grammy Award-winning Ricky Kej, and cinematography by world-class wildlife filmmakers from India like Kalyan Varma and Amoghvarsha JS, ‘Wild Karnataka’ will take your breath away.

It’s India’s landmark documentary that took about 4 years to produce from more than 400 hours of footage. The film was shot using cutting edge technology and cameras with 4k broadcast quality. No wildlife in India has ever been seen from an aerial perspective, making the Wild Karnataka team the first to do so. And not just aerial but hidden cameras, the film reveals some of the most intimate moments of natural history.

This 52-minute film hopes to evoke feelings of awe, love and eventually, understanding about natural wonders among everyday people, wonders that exist in their own backyard by the stunning visuals showcasing the breathtaking natural wildlife and Karnataka’s rich biodiversity most of which is still unknown to the general public.

And that 👆 was just the trailer.

Watch the entire ultra-HD natural history documentary here:




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