A Trip Of Time Machine In The State Of Coma.

He is from 3906.

I happened to come across a video from YouTube today. The video is about a person who has experienced Time travel in real life.

A person named Paul Dienach a Swiss-German teacher from Central Europe went into a coma state due to severe illness in the year 1922. During this time, he slides away to the future i.e 3906. Once he recovered from a coma after a year, Paul didn’t talk to anyone about his experience because he knew people will think stupid of him. However, what he did do was write down everything in his diary. Years later, when he was on the death bed he gave his diary to one of his most trusted students.

As stated in his diary, when he had time traveled into the year 3906, he woke up as a patient who was in a coma. When he tried to explain that he had come from 1922, the doctors there claimed that many patients who wake up from coma have this disease of sliding away in time. Doctors told him not to worry and Paul had also decided to stay in 3906.

Paul had penned down in his diary about the experiences in terms of people and the environment from the year 3906. Having traveled from 1922, Paul had claimed that for his limited-knowledge of a 20th-century man, he was not able to understand many things that were happening around him. He found it very difficult to articulate these events

When his diary was handed over to his student, his student was astonished to learn about what Paul had written. He wanted to publish Paul’s experience in the form of a book which was later published and named The Chronicles of the future. The pain points written by Paul in the diary in the year 1922 are:

He had rightly predicted that World war 2 will take place between the years 1939–1945.
2000–2300 will be a dark age for humankind. Though humans will be exploring all the technological advancements, their major problem will be over-population. Humans will run out of resources to feed the population.
After 2300, humans will invade Mars and start creating life there. Around 2 crore people will start surviving on Mars.
World war 3 will take place, where a huge amount of the population will be eradicated. World war 3 will be the worst war that has taken place in history where myriads of the human population will be lost.
When Mars serves to be a habitat for people, in a few years there will be a very big unexpected natural calamity in Mars which will destroy the entire civilization which was created by the 2 crore people. Eventually, marking the death of 2 crore people.
In the past years as humans have faced a very catastrophic phase, humans will decide to embrace their lives and will understand the importance of nature and its resources.
Until World war 3, people will be fighting for money. After a huge loss of resources, people will not embrace money. Humans will never have any motive for money.
The golden age of humans will be 3500s, humans will work for only 2 years in their lifetime which is in the age of 17–19. By working for 2 years, they will have enough money to run their livelihood.
In the year 3900s, the population of the entire world will be just 100 crores.
An international voting system will be introduced. Humans will choose one leader to rule the entire world. Humans will live a life free of caste, religion, and language.
Technological disruptions would have grown in a remarkable way, such that traveling would also take place virtually i.e sitting in India you can experience walking down the streets of the UK.
The biggest threat to humans will be cyber attackers, who will be called Savage.
Humans will undergo an evolution, as to how we humans have originated from Apes. Our current version of humans will undergo genetic transition.
I went spellbound to learn about his predictions. Because the predictions about 2000–2300 sounds very much relevant. Though we won’t live much enough to find out whether 3500 will be the golden age nor would we be fortunate enough to live a life with working for just 2 years in a lifetime, but it sounds good to hear about it.

Above all, did he really time travel or is this all just a hallucination? It’s hypothetical.

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