Anthill’s Incredible Story: IIT Kharagpur Alums Built Playgrounds for Children all over India

Pooja Rai, in her final Year studying Architecture at IIT Kharagpur with four of her batchmates, decided to spread happiness to some young children around them. They embarked on a journey toward building a playground for 250 kids studying at a nearby school.

To build this Playground, they used upcycled drums and repurposed tires. When the playground was built, it brings smiles to children’s faces. Over the coming years, they build several Playgrounds across the country bring smiles and joy to children.

So many of us talk about the holistic growth of children but never realize how important playing is in that process. When we were called to build playgrounds in other schools and communities, we realize how few spaces were available across the country,” says Pooja. “I never thought that I’ll make a career building playgrounds but I couldn’t stop after realizing the need for it,” she adds.

This is How Anthill Creations was born!

Tires are versatile and are almost like Lego blocks. You can build something as simple as a stool to sit on or even complex playground structures. We have used tires to build climbers, elephants, octopuses, bikes, and so on,” narrates Pooja. She and her team also conduct workshops where they teach people the ways to repurpose tires.

To get inspiration about what structures to build in the playground and also to make each of them unique, the team at Anthill spends a few days at a school before embarking on the build. “We interact with the students and try to understand what they want in their playground,” says Pooja. “At a recently built playground, at a girls’ school, we had to build a punching bag out of tires because the girls really wanted one,” she adds.

Anthill Creations also focuses on making cities cleaner. They work on dump yards, transforming them into functional spaces, for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Living in a Green campus surrounded by Trees and Breathing Fresh Air is a privilege and not everyone is blessed with it. We, IITians as the top brains of the country should focus on How we can benefit more no. of people in Society and make it a better place to live in.

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